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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chicklit Fest

I finished two books in the past few days:

Undead and Unemployed


See Jane Date

I'm still really, really enjoying the Undead series. Betsy, the heroine, is one of those characters who could be insufferable if handled badly. She's tall, blonde, thin, self-centered, obsessed with designer shoes, and it would be really, really easy to hate her. But she's so darn cute that you just can't. So Kudos to MaryJanice Davidson. This stuff is literary candy, but it's so incredibly sweet. (Hey! MJ has a blog!

See Jane Date by Melissa Senate was fantastic. Lady Turpentine tells me this was the first book published under the Red Dress Ink imprint. And this is exactly the sort of thing I'd like to be writing. I loved it. The ending was utterly predictable, but it was so much fun getting there that I didn't care.

So that's a big thumbs up to both!


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